"This is a group for people who have lost a spouse or a loved one to come and share. It's all age groups, and it's growing. And what happens is people become friends - they spend holidays together; they go out to dinner together; they bring each other up."

​                   -Debbie Johnston

how to get involved

Join us for a meeting on the 4th Thursday of each month!

When: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Where: In person: 10041 Midlothian Turnpike, North Chesterfield.

For virtual meeting info

email ecf@careadvantageinc.com to RSVP

Upcoming Meeting Dates​​​​

​September 22

October 27


Oct. 27th @ 6PM

For more information about Eunice's Circle of Friends, contact Care Advantage at

(804) 323-9464 or


Ms. Johnston & her father.

Eunice's Circle of Friends

monthly support group for   those who have lost a loved one


Gives individuals who have lost loved ones a caring and understanding ongoing support group. This group provides affirmation and a supportive forum for members to share their experiences, memories, and find meaning and purpose as they continue into their future after loss.


​Eunice's Circle of Friends embraces the spiritual virtues of faith, home, and love as they honor the past and celebrate every life. In Eunice's Circle of Friends, a forum for support is provided through expoloring meaning, sharing emotions, learning from one another and gaining understanding from being with others who have had similar losses. As we learn from each other, many new friendships are developed.

Eunice's Circle of Friends emphasizes the central belief that those who have lost loved ones should not be alone or isolated by their grief and that their life doesn't end because of their loss. Instead, those who have experienced loss need to know they are not alone. Through coming together with others with similar experiences they can find support, solace, and comfort as they begin to rebuild a future without their loved one in it.

With the support of "friends", they have the opportunity to grow as individuals and maintain a vibrant, healthy, and passionate relationship with life, family, and friends. Eunice's Circle of Friends is a support group designed to provide a confidential and safe haven where individuals can speak openly with others who have lost loved ones. The group comes together to assist and support each other through the difficult times as well as share each other's milestones. Eunice's Circle of Friends meets once a month, every month. "Friends" can attend every month or as needed.

Eunice's Circle of Friends is led by certified bereavement councilor Mr. Wayne Moody. Mr. Moody helps members share about their loved ones and deal with their grief. He creates a comforting environment and facilitates a constructive and loving conversation among members.


The founder of Eunice's Circle of Friends, Ms. Debbie Johnston, is an entrepreneur whose compassion and caring is well known. Ms. Debbie Johnston is an RN and the founder of a successful home health care company, Care Advantage, Inc. After the tragic loss of her mother Eunice on December 27th, 2006, she recognized her pain and longing. Although difficult, it could not compare to what her father was feeling. He had lost his wife, partner, soul mate, friend, and companion for over 53 years.

It was clear to Ms. Johnston that her father needed more. As she began to search out resources for him that would help him deal with his grief, the idea of Eunice's Circle of Friends began percolating. She refused to watch her father deteriorate from the healthy retiree he had been, filled with dreams to travel and grow old with his wife beside him, to being lonely and isolated without an interest in the future.

Ms. Johnston realized the need for a group such as Eunice's Circle of Friends so others who found themselves isolated and alone with their loss could find support and friendship as they share with others who are bereft. Therefore in conjunction with Care Advantage, she launched Eunice's Circle of Friends.